new, 2014 version!

an intro

i love marketing.
i hate marketing.

marketing can be annoying.
but it can be meaningful as well.

it can do nice things.
even good things.

the brand utility is an example.
i hope this guide inspires brands to do good.


ingmar de lange

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a useful guide to the brand utility
original / 2010 version


kullanisli bir rehber faydali marka
turkish / 2010 version

una guía para lograr construir marcas útiles
spanish / 2010 version


this presentation connects brand utilities to social media:
social media 247



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(a selection, 2014 version)

Mark van Rossem, Online strategy and innovation at Heineken / Slideshare
Great update Ingmar! I particularly like all the beer references. Maybe add this service?

Amy Hudson / Slideshare
That was lovely. Thank you.

Noushad Abdulrahim / Slideshare
old is gold... and we all will be back to basics... well presented great Job

Holly Barnett, External Communications, Tivoli Software at IBM / Slideshare
Glad I didn't read that as an insomnia cure -- I'd never get back to sleep! Thanks for a great read, and confirmation of what we know in our hearts to be true.

Chalukyan G, Graphic Designer & Design Consultant at Prayag Consulting / Slideshare
Great read! at / Slideshare
Great !!

Linda Schilperoort @burobureau
De nieuwe versie van een mooie gids!

Sebastiaan Berkvens @berkvese
Nice reading!

Cor Hospes @corhospes
Great updated version. #mustsee

Nathalie Litvine @natalitvine
Brand-utility individuelle,et citoyenne:Génial!

Mark van Rossem @mrossem
The Brand utility deck by @idelange is absolutely a digital marketing classic.

Anne-Marie Delfgaauw @AMD1510
Goede aanvullingen!

Kees klomp @kees_klomp_
Goede slideshare over de brand utility; één van de betekenisvolle basisstrategieën voor bedrijven.

Koert Bakker @koertbakker
Must read for anyone interested in brand utility.

Hans Molenaar @hansmolenaar
Mijn inziens erg goed. Past helemaal in mijn credo don't think ad but add!

SlideShare Today @SlideShareToday
'A useful guide to the brand utility - 2014 version' is the SlideShare of the day

Elliot Mendoza @ElliotMendoza3
Brand Utility is changing the face of marketing, Did you notice the switch?

Thibault HACHE @ThibaultH1
Combine usefulness and promotion, and you've got #Brand Utility. Very insightful presentation

Melanie Hilliard @MHCHIME
#brand utility, broken down

Tara Sturm @taradsturm
A useful guide to the brand utility-- getting back to the basics

Foretagsideer @Foretagsideer
Dagens länktips är mycket läsvärda

jOLE Costigliola @JoleCostigliola
#brandutility: a useful guide. It's worth to have a look!

SlideShare @SlideShare
Marketing has a split personality. The brand utility combines it.

Marco van Heerde @marcovanheerde
Advertising as it should be done!

Candice O'Sullivan @candicepill
Pragmatic yet inspiring

Monier Hervé @HerveMonier
#Mustread, excellents et nombreux exemple

Agence Uzful @uzful
Si vous ne l'avez pas encore lu ;)

Alex Nikolova @aenikolova
Great guide on the brand utility, must read!

FutureLab Blog @Futurelab_Blog
How the Brand Utility Makes Marketing Truly Customer-Centric

Managed for Mimi @managedformimi
What kind of "brand utility" are you striving for?

Anneke Krakers @annekekrakers
Heldere presentatie met super belangrijke content!

Abraun64 @abraun64
Great presentation. Perfect.

Leo van Sister @VanSister
Goed verhaal

Jorrit Kreukniet / LinkedIn
Een vernieuwde 2014 versie. En nog net zo relevant.

Joost Van De Velde / LinkedIn
Couldn´t agree more. Great stuff.

makes sense to me...

Maarten Neeskens / LinkedIn
Great stuff

Jeroen Beelen / LinkedIn
Goede update en het blijft een sterk verhaal!

Sander van Meurs / LinkedIn
Leuk om te lezen

Thomas Van Velthoven / LinkedIn
Meer betekenis creeren als Marketeer: let's share values

How Usefulness Can Go Viral

Lien Desmet @LienDesmet
Great slideshare on how brands should do marketing!

Marketing moet niet beloven, maar doen.

(a selection, 2010 version)

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